Currently living in Toronto (Canada)

Technical Business Analyst and EDI specialist currently employed in the automotive industry.

Linux geek and DevOps nerd that enjoys working with Unified Communications and process automation systems.

University of Waterloo alumnus with a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Contented by captivating conversation and consuming copious cups of calescent concoctions 

Passionate hiker, free climber, and general lover of nature and the outdoors. The forest is my sanctuary.

Shooting sports enthusiast, enjoying bare-bow recurve archery as well as modern firearm sports.

Snowboarder who loves introducing people to the sport and re-kindling our child-like love of winter.

Road/Hybrid cyclist exploring the city on two wheels.

Aspiring polyglot speaking english, français, and عربية (in order of eloquence) while finding all languages – whether constructed, organic, or digital – fascinating

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Clearly having way too much fun with the Font Awesome icons